The Ten Keys to Success / in Business and your life …

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The Ten Keys to Success / in Business and your life …


Brian Tracy says that only five percent of people are successful in their lives, and the idiomatic meaning of success in achieving a good result in something, and success is making effort in all respects to achieve goals, and among the signs of success in life, a sense of peace, tranquility and peace of mind, and enjoying a good amount of energy, vitality, and activity, and having goals of value in human life,

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And achieving self-development, but few people have high goals and can achieve their goals, and the vast majority complain of frustration, time, and compelling circumstances that do not enable them to reach what they want, People need the Ten Keys to Success to understand the path that leads to success.

Brian Tracy
Brian Tracy

Born in 1944, Brian Tracy is of Canadian descent and has American citizenship

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Qualities of successful people

Successful people who apply the ten keys to success are characterized by somewhat similar characteristics in their personalities and ways of dealing with others.

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  • The ability to demonstrate emotional maturity: This is done independently by thinking, working, relying on themselves and the ability to help themselves by themselves. A successful person is the one who does not depend on anyone to solve the situations he faces.
  • The ability to accept reality: The successful person is able to withstand the factors of failure and disappointment, so he is sure that he must find his way in his life to gain his livelihood, and the successful person knows the right to know that life is a struggle for survival, and this is one of the most important elements of owning the ten keys to success.
  • The ability to go along with people: the successful person has a flexible personality, he adapts himself to many changing and volatile situations, and he is firm and not nervous so that he does not create enemies for himself, and he is tactful, honest, humorous and unselfish, and accepts criticism well.
  • The ability to love others: Before an individual can love others, this love must be stable in the depths of the hearts. One of the ingredients for success is for a person to feel the love of people for him and his love for people, and therefore good relationships with people are one of the basics of a successful life.

The Ten Keys to Success / in Business and your life …

The relationship between success and happiness

Happiness is a human requirement, and this is an important and well-studied fact like every human being. A person hopes for happiness for himself, and achieving happiness is linked to achieving success in scientific, practical, and social life, as well as success in forming a family that lives a quiet life, dominated by feelings of affection and love. He is really happy, and if the answer is no, he should look for the failures in his life.

Not every practically successful person is spiritually successful and balanced. In a study conducted by an American university with a census, the result is that less than 3% of the world’s population is successful and balanced. A person may be successful, but his soul is Miserable and turbulent mood, a person can work throughout his life, thinking, innovating, doubling the effort, and achieving many goals, but what remains in front of him is what makes him feel inferior and unhappy.

Scientists wondered why a successful person feels depressed and frustrated and does not feel the value of what he has achieved. To answer that, the goals differ from one person to another.

Some of them believe that success is owning a car, and others see success in successful relationships, but after each one has achieved success. That he did not feel happy, and for this feeling, there are two reasons, one biological reason, and the other psychological, the biological reason is that the body secretes the hormone of happiness at the moment of achieving success and then this hormone begins to descend with time to remove the effect of success,

And thus either the person starts searching for new success or drowns In depression, the psychological reason is after achieving success, the individual begins to doubt himself about achieving other successes and feels that he is obligated to succeed and excel over others, and his goal becomes merely to reach the top without enjoying but rather with a lot of anxiety, and then he is attacked by suspicions and psychological pressures, so he is miserable and loses his balance. Therefore, one must learn the ten keys to success.

The Ten Keys to Success / in Business and your life …

The ten keys to success

There is a study that indicates that one person out of every two does not like the work he does, that one out of every two wishes to do something other than what he is doing or to work in another field, so why are some people more successful than others To answer that question, it is necessary to know the ten keys to success, which are as follows:

  • Motivation: Motivation is the motive for human behavior. Without motivation, a person has no desire to do anything. It sends enthusiasm and energy, and the individual’s awareness in that case is greater, but if the individual’s resolve is downward, it is directed towards the negative things only.

  • Energy: Energy is the fuel of life, and human energy is generated through a healthy life, so that a successful person does not tend to destroy his health through unhealthy food, smoke, staying up late, or alcohol. The healthy life of a successful person is his most important priority.

  • Skill: Among the ten keys to success, skill is the orchard of wisdom and knowledge. Knowledge and skill can be increased through reading, attending lectures, learning a new language, and getting up half an hour before the appointment and investing this time in creating new ideas, so the name of this time is the time of ideas.

  • Visualization: Visualization is the path to success, today’s achievements are yesterday’s fantasies and dreams, and it is important that a person not make fun of his perceptions.

  • Action: Action is the way of power. Knowledge alone is not enough. It must be accompanied by action and application. It is nice for a person to dream and imagine, and this is an essential thing, but the most important key in the ten keys to success is action and implementation without hesitation.

  • Expectation: Expectation is the way to reality, it is important for a person to know that he can be full of energy and enthusiasm and has many skills, and puts all this into action and action, but if he does not expect success, he will fail, so expect the best of life and expect success from the most important points The ten keys to success.

  • Commitment: After commitment, the seeds of achievement appear. People fail sometimes, not because they do not have the capabilities, but because of a lack of commitment. Whatever the degree of enthusiasm, in the beginning, must continue until the end, many relationships are destroyed and companies are closed due to lack of commitment.

  • Flexibility: Flexibility is one of the ten keys to success, which is the willingness to change the plan every time a person faces difficulties and challenges. Flexibility and adaptation bring the individual closer to achieving goals. It is important that the individual does not feel frustrated and depressed when facing challenges, but rather rushes to develop new plans and anticipate success.

  • Patience: Patience is the key to relief and goodness. Many cases of failure are with people who did not realize how close they are to success, but they gave up. A person can look for someone he trusts to tell him about the difficulties he faces in order to cultivate patience in him.

  • Discipline: Discipline is the basis of the ten keys to success. It is very easy for an individual to waste his time on useless things or not do anything at all. Bad habits can give a person pleasure in a short term, but they are the same that give him pain and suffering in the long term.

Reasons for failure

Some may not succeed in achieving the required success, so it is called failure. Failure is not a disaster, but not trying again is a disaster. Also, the individual who has experienced failure must know the reason behind his failure and modify it, and also know the ten keys to success to follow, and among the reasons for failure are the following:

  • Procrastination, the individual believes that he has enough time and that he can postpone success.
  • Weak determination and determination, weak will and lack of motivation.
  • Apathy and physical and intellectual laziness in accomplishing what he has to accomplish.
  • Indecision and inability to make timely decisions.
  • Discouraged are people who implant negative energy in others.
  • Lack of self-confidence, lack of belief in one’s abilities.
  • Lack of clarity of purpose, some do not set real goals for themselves.
  • Wasting time and not knowing how to manage time is one of the most important reasons for failure.
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The Ten Keys to Success / in Business and your life …

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