Tik tok video download / Download tiktok videos without watermark

Tik tok video download / Download tiktok videos without watermark

The TikTok application made it easy to create and share videos. All users have to do is record what they want from their daily lives and publish it instantly, and due to the shortness of the video allowed to upload, which does not exceed 15 seconds, the creation of the video or the viewing process does not take much time or effort, As well as the ability to download Tik Tok videos by default within the platform.

Tiktok platform

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Tik Tok is a short video-sharing application that allows users to create videos of 15 seconds or less on any topic and share them with other users of the application. There is also a version of Tik Tok that is intended for use within China only called Duyin with 300 million monthly users.

This short video content is played as soon as the user opens the application. The videos start playing one by one, and because the videos are short and follow them without the user making any effort to watch it becomes very easy for people to watch random videos for hours on end without a sense of time.

Since the app’s launch, its popularity has grown exponentially, and in October 2018, TikTok was the most downloaded photo and video app on the Apple Store globally; With over 500 million monthly active users, the United States of America was the most popular country with more than 80 million downloads.

Tiktok video downloader online

Steps to download Tik Tok video without apps and watermarks

  • Copy the link of the video you want to download through the Tik Tok app
  • After copying the link, go to the following site ssstik.io
  • Paste the link you copied
  • Click on Download and then choose Without Watermarks
  • Then the video will start downloading to your mobile device or computer

Download tik tok videos on mobile

Unlike other communication applications, Tik Tok allows its users to download videos that have been shared on the application within it through the following two methods; First, you can press and hold in the middle of the screen, then choose to save the video from the options that appear to us in the middle of the screen, so that the video will be downloaded to the default photo application of the phone.

Second, you can click on the Share option, then save the video from the second row of options that appears at the bottom, and as in the previous method, the video is downloaded in the default Photos app of the phone.

The user may prevent other users from downloading their videos, at which point we do not see the option to save the video appear in either of the above two methods. In this case, there is no way to download the video without using third-party apps

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For Android device users, you can use Video Downloader For Tik Tok app from Google Play Store. For iPhone users, the Tiktok Downloader shortcut can be installed from the Shortcut Manager, allowing you to save videos from users who are blocking the download of their videos.

Tik tok video download / Download tiktok videos without watermark

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