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Vampires fact or fiction?

Vampires fact or fiction?

Vampires, as they are defined in ancient and modern times, are beings that were human and then turned into this form after their death, and they consume blood in order to obtain the energy necessary for them to survive. Whether or not in a scientific and logical way, we will go for a brief discussion of the human digestive system and then touch on the possible digestive system of vampires so that we will prove that their existence cannot be.

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The human body is designed to process large amounts of blood for nourishment. There was not enough protein, carbohydrates, and fats present in the blood to sustain a complex creature like Homo sapiens or any branch theory mutation. When a human food is first broken down by chewing, it is then churned up in the stomach with digestive juices to form a bolus called chyme.

Vampires fact or fiction?

It then passes into the small intestine where it mixes with the bile salts which still breaks it down on a molecular basis, affecting mostly lipids at this point. The broken down nutrients pass through the intestinal wall and into the bloodstream where they are carried to each cell or stored for later use. The bulk remains digested through the intestine, turning dark brown from bile. Water from this mass is absorbed in the large intestine depending on the needs of the body – a well-hydrated person will usually have softer stools than a dehydrated person will. Water also enters the bloodstream, and this is what helps maintain blood pressure.

The pressure tends to balance itself out in a healthy person because blood passes through a formation in the kidney called a loop of Henle, where the vascular forces constrict excess water and cellular waste such as urea through the kidney’s cell wall, where it is excreted through the ureters into the bladder, and then out The body via the urethral passage. A person is physically unable to process their own food for nourishment and therefore also cannot process blood – it’s the same process. The ingested blood does not transmit directly to the veins anyway – it will be chemically broken down by the digestive system.

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