What are Google’s algorithms ?

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What are Google’s algorithms ?

We must all have many questions about what is the algorithm that governs the most popular search engine of all, is there a grouping of more than one algorithm together, or is Google’s algorithms reduced to one great one that manages the entire search process, and does one of the most qualified teams work programmatically Are you developing more algorithms, or has tech giant Google had enough?

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What is the algorithm?

In the beginning, let us agree on the concept of an algorithm, which is a specific, limited set of steps and rules used to solve a problem, and the concept of algorithms is not necessarily related to search engines and searches, but can include a description of an algorithm for any tight software plan of instructions that solve a problem, and can be described Some algorithms are mathematical operations, equations, but in a directed way to achieve a specific goal.

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What are Google’s algorithms?

It is a set of algorithms that form a very complex system, which uses this system to import data from Google’s indexing table according to the query received, and then provide the best possible results to the user.

Google uses an integrated set of algorithms, signals, and tools to rank web pages, providing the best and most relevant results for your query.

In the beginnings of Google, these algorithms were not developed significantly, but today they make thousands of changes every year

To be on the top of the search engines in the world

How Google’s search algorithms work

According to what Google published about its search algorithms, it follows high standards and strict guidelines to provide the most appropriate results, as Google combines a series of algorithms to show search results, and it depends on several factors, including the search word entered by the user, and the location of the globe. The type of search used and the computer settings.

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There are also other factors related to the relevance of a web page to the required search, the date it was published, its usability and the structure of the page all in milliseconds, and not all factors are equal. Each factor has a different weight within the algorithm depending on the nature of the query.

To ensure that Google’s algorithms achieve high performance, correct results, and apply quality standards, these algorithms are tested through thousands of live tests, subjected to thousands of research quality standards and trained around the world.

How does Google determine which pages are the best ?

Google indexes all web pages, and when the page is indexed, it scans all the components of the page in order to search for specific components, and each desired component on the page corresponds to a number indicating its importance within the algorithm. Overall rating for this page.

The higher the number, the more important the page is among the search results, and the more attention the algorithm pays to it. In general, these indexing and classification algorithms are very flexible, as a page can in moments move to second place and in moments also fall back to tenth place according to the news and content you publish, and according to the race Other sites that may greatly improve the content to outperform the others.

Google’s most important algorithms

Google’s basic algorithm, as we mentioned, contains a series of algorithms that pay attention to different factors, as we mentioned.

Among the most famous of these algorithms :

  • Panda: Launched on February 24, 2011, this algorithm takes care of duplicate or plagiarized content, spam generated by users, and keyword stuffing without the real benefit of their existence.
  • Penguin: Launched on April 24, 2012, it is specialized in spam or non-content links, and it is one of Google’s algorithms that works in real time, i.e. during the search process.
  • Hummingbird: This algorithm was launched on August 22, 2013, and it takes care of keyword stuffing along with the low quality of the content, it takes care of better understanding the words that the user types in the search box to provide better results to the searcher, and it is responsible for improving the results Even if the user does not type the whole words directly.
  • Pigeon: This algorithm was launched in America on July 24, 2014, and it takes care of weak pages within search engines and the link of searches to the user’s site.
  • Mobile: This algorithm was launched on April 21, 2015, and it takes care of the presence or absence of a mobile-compatible version of the site, and ranks pages suitable for phones at the top of the search results list.

The list contains a large number of algorithms that target everything related to indexed sites, search keywords and user information to achieve a unique mixture that makes the search results suitable for everyone.

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What are Google’s algorithms ?

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