What are search engines ? What is the best search engine ?

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What are search engines What is the best search engine

Have you ever wondered how search engines work and how they can collect thousands of your search results in less than a second?

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A search engine is defined simply as a program that is paired and linked to the Internet to search the global database for the information requested by the user and include it within the search in the form of simple keywords.

After that, the search engine provides a list of thousands of results according to the user’s search, where the results are arranged from the most similar and the least searched to them. There are many different search engines available to us on the Internet, each with its own features and different search results.

The first search engine launched was Archie, which was then dedicated to searching for FTP files, but nowadays Google is the most popular and used search engine ever, as well as some other popular search engines such as AOL, Ask.com, Baidu, Bing and Yahoo.

How do we access the search engine?

For all users, the search engine is accessed through the browser on a computer, smartphone, tablet or any other device. Today, most new browsers include a dedicated search area in one of its corners, which is a box at the top of the browser with the title “ Search” or the icon dedicated to that, where you can enter your keywords and search on the Internet. You can also visit one of the main pages of search engines to perform the search you want.

How does a search engine work ?

Due to the large number of sites and pages that exceed millions, the search engine was built on the basis of an algorithm that displays results not only on the basis of name but also according to their importance, and according to this algorithm the search results are selected and selected.

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For example, the search engine automatically visits pages and sites, indexes their contents, and collects data about them by a tool called “crawler.” After completing this process, the search engine follows several steps, which are as follows:

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  • Selection and filtering of keywords.
  • Preview the remaining words on the page in addition to counting their frequency.
  • Find other links associated with that page.
  • Include content in terms of images, audio files and other media.

After doing these steps, the search results page will be ranked accordingly.

Do all search engines return the same results ?

Not necessarily, each search engine has its own methodology for collecting and indexing data, and the algorithms used differ, and this leads to a difference in search results, but sometimes search results are based on where you searched from and on the keywords you included in the search box. Depending on the frequency of the search, the most visited sites, as well as the results preferred by users, the search engine displays them first.

What is the best search engine ?

So far, there is no better search engine than the other, but each one is distinguished by something from the other, for example; Many users use the Google search engine due to its popularity and popularity, so if it is difficult for you to figure out something, your friend will direct you to search simply by saying Google it!

On the other hand, Microsoft Bing is one of the most popular search engines in existence today, as its powerful ability to search for information and answer questions enabled it to reign supreme in information and problem solving.

Do you think that’s it? Search engines vary in their numbers and capabilities. There is no good search engine to know everything about something, so you have to try more than one search engine to get a satisfactory and useful result for your search.

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What are search engines ? What is the best search engine?

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