What is a master’s degree ? Master’s degree requirements

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What is a master’s degree ? Master’s degree requirements

Master’s Degree

A master’s degree (also called “licensing”) is an academic degree granted to individuals who have studied a rigorous specialization or a highly professional craftsmanship, where this study is highly specialized in the subject of the certificate and requires a high degree of research and scientific and practical scrutiny. University graduates who hold a bachelor’s degree go to study for a master’s degree in a specific field chosen from among several options allowed by the bachelor’s major.

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The master’s study takes an advanced approach to specialized scientific and applied achievement, so it requires high analytical skills, an ability to think systematically to solve problems, as well as professional practical application, advanced problem solving and the ability to think independently and advanced.

Master’s Degree Titles

The most popular master’s degree titles are:

  • A Master of Arts degree (Master of Arts – M.A.) awarded for literary majors.
  • A Master of Science degree (Master of Science – M.S.) awarded for scientific disciplines.

These degrees are taught either by the course track, the research track (thesis), or by a track that includes both courses and research.

There are other titles , including:

  • Master of Business Administration – MBA .
  • Master of Public Administration (MPA).
  • Master of Business Engineering or Engineering Management (Master of Business Engineering – MBE).
  • Master of Laws (LL.M.). Master in Social Work (Master of Social Work – MSW).

Types of Master’s Study

There are several types of master’s studies, as follows:

  • Post-graduate master’s degree, which is intended for anyone who holds a bachelor’s degree.
  • Post-graduate research master’s degree, which is intended for those who hold a bachelor’s degree that contains important research material, or if the person has published several research papers or scientific publications.
  • Executive master’s degree, a master’s degree designed for executive professionals. The requirements for this degree differ from
  • Master’s degree of regular study (the previous two types) in the areas of admission, graduation requirements and academic plan.
  • Integrated master’s degree, which is a scientific degree for those without graduation, where the student studies the requirements of the bachelor’s and then joins them for an additional year of study at the master’s level. When all requirements are met, the student obtains a full master’s degree, but a bachelor’s degree is not granted, and this type prevails in the scientific fields of study.

Master’s degree requirements :

Requirements vary according to the educational system of the university, and according to the path one chooses to study. After fulfilling the conditions for admission to the master’s degree program, the student commits to the study period, which usually ranges from one to two academic years, and then he must successfully pass the courses and research of the study plan, and the lowest rates of success in the master’s are higher than in the bachelor’s.

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What is a master’s degree ? Master’s degree requirements

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