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What is a VPN and how does it work ?

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What is a VPN and how does it work Best VPN ?

Some may think when hearing the word VPN that it denotes a complex technology that is difficult to benefit from in any field, when in fact it is an easy-to-use technology that is available to everyone. As someone who has no idea about it, it is okay to briefly know what a VPN is and how it works.

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What does VPN mean ?

It is an abbreviation of the term Virtual Private Network, which means a virtual private network that provides a way to protect your privacy while using the Internet via your phone or computer. your device.

What is a VPN and how does it work

A VPN encrypts all the data sent from a computer over the Internet, converts it into a special form of data packet, and then sends it to the VPN server, which can decrypt it using numeric keys, so no one can read the data sent except through those keys.

The server directs the data to its intended destination, whether it is a work computer of the corporate network in which the VPN user works or any other server on the Internet, and when the user gets a response from the destination he intended, the response is returned back to the VPN server to encrypt the data and return it to the computer or phone Your VPN, where the VPN app recognizes and decodes. The VPN server hides the address and location of the computer being used and makes it difficult for anyone to eavesdrop on you.

The benefit of using a VPN

After learning what a VPN is and how it works, let’s move on to researching its usefulness. A VPN makes your internet connection encrypted. When you enter a website, download an app, or even check email, the VPN encrypts all communication and sends it to a server operated by the VPN provider itself, which in turn sends it to the destination.

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This procedure is very useful for maintaining privacy if the user does not trust the network he is using, whether it is an Internet service provider’s network or a Wi-Fi connection in an airport or coffee shop. The VPN user can also connect with a company’s network to do his work through it, as many companies rely on this method to limit the access of their employees to their internal network by using VPN usernames and passwords in addition to encrypting their communications with devices.

VPN cost

The average cost of the 31 most popular VPN providers is around $5.59 per month, which gives you an idea of ​​the cost paid for this service. VPN services that cost more than $10 are considered to be of little use and there is no reason to buy them as there are alternatives at lower cost.

Most servers offer big discounts if you decide to subscribe for the next year or two instead of a monthly subscription.

Is VPN Safe

A VPN encrypts all your communications and prevents you from being eavesdropped by a third party or getting your device’s IP address or location, but it doesn’t prevent all online tracking.

Companies are still able to add cookies to your device when you visit websites on the Internet, in order to save the login process you made during your interaction on the site. It may also use it to direct you within the site by displaying special advertisements that serve its interest.

The VPN provider can view all the information you’ve sent via the VPN including websites, as VPN providers promise not to log that information. But don’t worry as much as possible that the VPN provider is reliable because you will be using your private data like a credit card to pay for this service.

Best VPN Servers

The best VPN servers can be accessed and downloaded to your device by going to one of their sites, logging in to it, and downloading the existing server. It gives you a free trial period that allows you to get your money back in case you did not benefit from the server as you wanted. We will mention to you the most famous of those servers.

  • Express VPN: This server is characterized by having a group of the best servers, fast and easy to use, in addition to its support for streaming media and torrenting at a low price compared to others.
  • Tunnelbea: An easy-to-use VPN suitable for working in coffee shops, it also has a limited free tier. It has proven efficient in its use in torrenting and media streaming.
  • Strong VPN: Not as easy to use as the rest, but it is used for streaming media and torrenting.
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