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What is cloud computing definition / Services / features / Examples

What is cloud computing definition / Services / features / Examples

Today, companies need to do a lot of operations using computers and they may not have computers suitable for all operations, in addition to the need to store large amounts of important data and deal with them frequently, so the term cloud computing appeared.

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Cloud computing definition

Cloud computing definition

It is a term that expresses hosting services over the Internet, as it enables companies to take advantage of computers located elsewhere for their own uses, store data and carry out processing operations via the Internet, and instead of building special infrastructures to carry out tasks; They are replaced by the use of cloud computing services.

Cloud computing features

  • Flexibility: Companies may need some services at one stage and have to increase or decrease these services at another stage, and these changes are easy and available using cloud computing.
  • Pay As You Go: Costing is accurate and users only pay for the resources they use.
  • Ease of portability: Companies can easily move the information and business they do from one cloud to another, or to different cloud platforms, which may be to save costs or use cloud services available in a different platform.
  • Ease: Using cloud computing services does not require a technical specialist, as it is easy enough to deal with without studying the technical field.
  • Speed: Cloud computing services can be delivered in minutes and it only takes a few clicks of several buttons and everything will be there.
  • Security: Cloud service providers offer many technologies, policies, and controls that enhance the protection of data, processes, and infrastructures from potential threats to them.

Types of cloud computing services

  • Software services: It is a method of communicating software over the Internet, usually in the form of subscriptions, and the administrators of the programs undertake maintenance, upgrade and debugging, often using a laptop, mobile phone, or tablet.
  • Infrastructure services: that is, everything related to devices, operating systems, servers, and networks can be rented, and pay-as-you-go, and backups and maintenance are provided.
  • Platform services / operating systems: that is, providing the necessary support to developers in using ready-made platforms for software applications without worrying about their configuration, settings, and internet connection in order to facilitate the creation of web and mobile applications quickly.

Privacy in cloud computing services

Cloud computing has evolved to include several different types, models, and services to suit the needs, and it has three basic types:

  • Public Cloud: All services and data are managed using a third party service provider, and access to them is public and possible using internet browsers and by any user.
  • Private Cloud: Refers to computing resources that can only be used by one company or organization, and it can exist in this cloud in the same company and third party services can be used to host its own cloud where the company’s private services, data and infrastructure are located.
  • Hybrid Cloud: A combination of public and private clouds, which helps improve the level of security for the company, and control the data and applications on the cloud with greater flexibility.

Examples of the most popular cloud computing services

  • Google applications: such as Google Drive for storage.
  • Microsoft software: such as using Office software through the browser.
  • Autoresponder Chatbots: Like Siri and Google’s personal assistant.
  • Teamwork software: such as slack – GitHub.
  • Big Data Analytics: Like Hadoop.
  • Social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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what is cloud computing services / definition / features / Examples

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