what is instagram story

what is instagram story

In late 2017, we notice that Instagram Stories reached huge numbers of people! It is enough just to open your Instagram application, and see how people are using this feature, everywhere, on the streets, in restaurants, during their trips, and even going about their daily business!

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There are many examples of this, we see a student going to school who feels that the day is beautiful, who deserves to take a picture and put it on Instagram Story, and he does! A mom who cooks a great feast or invents a delicious soup also films it and puts it on Instagram Story for all to see… the examples are so many!

What are Instagram Stories ? what is an instagram story

Instagram Story is a feature of the Instagram app that allows you to record videos of up to 15 seconds in length or share photos that disappear from your profile a day after you post them.

Some people said that this feature has been added to the Instagram application, in August 2016, after an attempt in 2013 by (Mark Zuckerberg) founder of Facebook, to buy the Snapchat application, and offered it to the founder (Evan Spiegel) application. 3 billion dollars!

Then, Instagram Stories came to meet the tastes and desires of producers and consumers of content in the entire world!

As for brands and Instagrammers, the Instagram Stories feature helps build a closer relationship with their audiences. For followers, this function gives them the ability to follow the daily lives of the profiles of the people they are influenced by and like!


It is a vertical video clip application launched by Instagram, in June 2018, the simple functions of the application are also available through the Instagram application and the Instagram website. IGTV allows uploading videos up to 10 minutes in length and a max of 650MB in length but verified and popular users are allowed to upload videos up to 60 minutes in length and a max of 5.4GB in size. As soon as the app was launched, it started playing videos automatically

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