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What is SEO’s and Search Engine Optimization ? seo for my website

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What is SEO’s and Search Engine Optimization seo for my website

A word that we hear often, especially if we live among those who care about electronic publishing and search engines.

SEO Definition ( seo optimisation )

If we want a definition of the term SEO , we can say that it is the process of improving and increasing both the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing its visibility to its users, and this helps to show the site on the first search pages of the most famous search engines when a user searches for a service or topic Available on site.

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SEO targets different types of searches including image or video search, news search, scientific and academic research. Website optimization can include modifying its content, modifying the HTML and associated markup to increase relevance to specific keywords, or removing some barriers to indexing by search engines. An SEO technique is also to promote a site to increase the number of back links and inbound links. links ), and it must be taken into account that the order varies from one browser to another, or rather from one country to another.

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The most important basics of SEO

Good content and convincing content :

Google updates every three months, and in order to be able to keep up with this speed to always be in the top ranking, the content you provide must be very good and away from stuffiness and with a distinctive and new flavor and in the field in which you see yourself as creative, and to avoid repetition and try Always update and not publish several topics together or at one time, but update every three days, a week or two weeks, according to the period you see fit, to reach your published content to the largest number of visitors, and to stay away from hidden or copied texts.

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Distinguished and attractive title:

In order to correctly reflect the content of your topic, you need the correct and appropriate title, and it must be attractive so that it can attract the largest number of visitors, you should try not to be long so that Google does not archive it, that is, does not exceed 70 characters, because the long title that It does not include the word that the user is looking for, it can cause him to dislike and dislike the site, and also, as much as possible, avoid using symbols in all its forms or extensions within letters and only try to use commas when necessary.

Site name and link:

One of the most important SEO basics that helps the site appear on the first pages of search engines, especially when something is searched for in the name, or if the name reflects the content of the site, i.e. the link must be distinctive and contain at least a keyword.

Accurate and correct description of the site and the content it contains:

Because on the basis of this description, visitors will enter the site, which appears when any topic of content is published on social networks, and the more beautiful and clear the method, the better.

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Key words :

Google ranks the site according to the frequency of the keywords that your site aims at, and of course these words must be new and targeted to the topic and reflect the content well and not be repetitive in a disrespectful manner.

Pictures and video:

In order to make your content complete and have the greatest opportunity to rank in search engines, diversify, that is, add images and video to your article, and always try to be the images used without rights with a description of them, and be careful not to use them in a boring and exaggerated manner.

Domain or your website link:

It should be noted that the paid domain is much better than the free one, which is preferred by Google, as well as the older it is, the better, in addition to its extension, which the majority prefer to have .COM more than .Net and others.

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It is the codes responsible for the way the site and content are displayed and formatted on various types of devices, so you should be careful when you use a paid template without buying any stolen copy, because this exposes you to accountability if the theft is reported. You can avoid paid templates by using freebies, and since the percentage of users from phones has become higher, the template must be easy to browse from the phone, fast in performance, and not contain excessive add-ons that annoy the user.

Defining your site:

through a set of steps, the first of which is to register it in the webmaster tools , and to make a special site map for it, then assign the google analytics code to it in order to help you analyze your site in terms of the number of visitors, the duration of stay Visitor, most visited page, etc., as well as setting meta tags that provide Google with information about your site, and setting up a robots file that helps prevent archiving of unimportant or duplicate links.

The use of SEO to improve your site has become very important because more than 90% of Internet users use search engines to search for their requirements, because even if you publish your site on social media such as Facebook or Twitter, seo optimisation remains the best to bring visitors to your site, especially the purposeful ones .

What is SEO’s and Search Engine Optimization seo for my website

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