What is siri ? what can do / personal assistant

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What is siri what can do personal assistant

Did you know that your iPad comes with a personal assistant ? called Siri, this assistant has the ability to schedule events, set reminders, count down a timer, and even secure reservations at your favorite restaurants. In fact, Siri makes it possible to perform a lot of the iPad’s functions with your voice commands, including the ability to avoid keyboard typing and take voice dictation instead.

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How do I allow or turn off Siri

Siri Settings on the left side may be turned on and then click on Siri from General Settings.

You can also turn on Siri, which allows you to activate Siri by saying Hey Siri instead of pressing the Home button. For some iPads, some older version Hello Siri at all.

You can also use Siri Settings to change Siri’s voice from female to male, and you can change her accent or language.

How do I use Siri

How do I use Siri

You can activate Siri by pressing the Home button on your iPad, and after holding it for a few seconds, your iPad will beep, changing the screen to the Siri interface. The bottom of this interface has multi-colored lines that indicate that Siri is listening, and you just have to ask what you want to get Siri to do its work.

What is siri ? what can do personal assistant

What should I ask Siri

Siri is designed as a personal assistant that recognizes commands in human language. This means that you should talk to her just as if she were a human being, and if she can do what she asks, she will do it. You can try this by asking her almost anything, and she may be surprised at what she can understand, as even some funny questions she can interact with and answer.

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Basics it can do

  • Siri can find nearby restaurants and events. Just ask “Find a nearby restaurant” or “What movies are on?”
  • Siri can set a reminder, and you just have to say, “Remind me to take the dog for a walk at this hour.”
  • Siri can set the timer. Just say “30 second timer” and it will set a countdown timer from 30.
  • Siri can check the weather with just one word, “weather.”
  • Siri can also update Facebook, and she can also tweet on Twitter.
  • You can also ask Siri for advice, for example, about what you can do with $100!
  • Siri can also answer complex questions and search the web. For example, ask, “Who is the author of the Harry Potter books?”
  • Siri can open apps and play music.

How do I use Siri for voice dictation

The iPad keyboard has a special key with a microphone, if you tap that microphone, it will turn on the iPad’s voice dictation feature. This feature is available every time you have a standard onscreen keyboard, so you can use it in most apps, and voice dictation doesn’t just include words – you can insert a comma by saying ‘comma’, and you can instruct your iPad to ‘start a new paragraph’ ‘.

Is it always available and how does it work

Siri works by sending your voice to Apple’s servers for an explanation and then converting that explanation into action. This means that Siri does not work if you are not connected to the Internet.

One of the main benefits of sending your voice to Apple’s servers is that the engine that interprets your voice commands is much more powerful than an iPad could be. These servers can learn and get used to your voice and pick up your dialect, so they understand you better the more you use Siri. You can also, if you want, get your Mac to activate Siri by voice.

Is Siri better than Google Assistant or Microsoft’s Cortana or Amazon’s Alexa

Google, Amazon, and Microsoft have all developed their own voice recognition assistant, and there’s no easy way to differentiate between them. The best personal assistant is the one you relate to the most; If you’re mainly an Apple user, Siri will win. It is linked to Apple Calendar, Notes, Reminders, etc. On the other hand, if you primarily use Microsoft products, Cortana may work better for you.

The device you’re using plays the biggest role in what kind of voice assistant you might like, you wouldn’t use Siri to search your Windows PC. Also, if you’re on an iPad, opening the Google app to do a voice search doesn’t need Siri to attend to your requests and answer your questions.

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What is siri ? what can do / personal assistant


What is siri what can do personal assistant

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