What is the IBAN bank account number ?

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What is the IBAN bank account number open bank account online

What is the IBAN bank account number?

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Open bank account online

Many people have bank account , but many of them have no idea about the IBAN number and its usefulness, and in this article we will highlight the most important information about the IBAN number.

Bank account number (IBAN)

IBAN is an abbreviation for International Bank Account Number, which is the format of the International Account Number that is in the form of a code that includes letters and numbers, and the IBAN begins with a two-digit country code, and it is worth noting that the IBAN does not replace your own bank account number, but is the same The main account number, but in a different format that includes some symbols and letters to enhance the accuracy and ease of access of international transfers to the beneficiary automatically and without errors.

Components of an IBAN

The IBAN in countries where an IBAN Bank Account is required includes all of the following :

  • The first two letters represent the country code, such as NL for the Netherlands or PT for Portugal.
  • The second two digits represent the bank account number.
  • The bank code that identifies the financial institution and branch of the account.
  • Primary bank account number.

Reasons for using the IBAN number

IBAN is of great importance in passing and processing bank transfers through electronic systems, and due to the different structure of bank accounts between countries and geographical regions, it is not easy for companies and governments to understand the difference between account structures,

Which leads to the failure of transfers or delays their completion and contacting the beneficiaries in banks several times to return The process of sending remittances, but IBAN facilitates making bank transfers and saves a lot of effort and time by specifying the beneficiary’s account number and making sure that the customer’s account number is correct.

Some examples of IBAN symbols

You may be asked to use an IBAN number when sending or receiving international money transfers. This number is sometimes used with a code to help international banks determine the country of the bank and their account numbers. IBAN codes vary in length. It is worth noting that you should be careful and accurate when entering your number. IBAN because some banks may charge a fee when incorrect details are entered, and the money transfer may be refused outright if there is a typo in your IBAN, and it must not contain spaces when sent electronically. The following are some examples of IBAN codes in some countries that use the IBAN system, including:

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  • Albania: AL352021111090000000001234567
  • Cyprus: CY21002001950000357001234567
  • Kuwait: KW81CBKU0000000000001234560101
  • Luxembourg: LU120010001234567891
  • Norway: NO8330001234567

At present, the United States does not participate in IBAN. Therefore, Bank of America does not have an IBAN number.

The advantages offered by the IBAN number

The IBAN offers many advantages when an individual receives or sends any type of international transfers between banks, including:

  1. The IBAN allows you to quickly and easily reach the country of the bank to which the transfer is being sent.
  2. The IBAN is used to identify the specific account number to which funds will be sent within that country.
  3. It enhances the ease and accuracy of account details, the arrival of international transfers to the beneficiary quickly, and the successful completion of the transfer process.
  4. Complies with international banking regulations.
  5. Receive and send bank transfers.
  6. It gives your account security from hacks and scams become almost impossible.
  7. Avoid delays in executing transfers and receiving transfers.

The difference between the bank account number, IBAN number and Swift code

There are two internationally recognized methods for identifying bank accounts when sending remittances, which are IBAN and SWIFT code, but what is the difference between IBAN and SWIFT code? What is the relationship of the IBAN number to the bank account ?

  • Bank account: It is the financial account with a bank and you get it when creating the account and through it you can send and receive all money transfers.
  • IBAN: It is the international account number format and includes all the information the bank needs from the country of the account, the bank and the beneficiary’s account number.
  • Swift Code: It is a fixed identification code for each bank, and it is used for international transfers between global banks electronically by adopting international standards, where each bank has its own Swift code that is different from any other bank in the world, and it is one of the safe and fast ways to receive and send money and works 24 hours a day There is no upper limit for the transfer.

Obtaining an IBAN number

This is done by following these steps:

  • Log in to your personal account online.
  • Obtaining your private data through your bank.
  • The beneficiary can get it from the exchange.

What is the IBAN bank account number open bank account online

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