What does a film director do? What his job

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What is the job of a film director? what does a film director do

Director’s main tasks

The director is the main element in producing any artwork with the help of a large staff, and he must supervise the smallest details in that work to produce it well.

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Among the tasks assigned to him are the following:

  • Transforming the written text from virtual events and characters to real scenes, sounds and characters, as the choice of all of these things controls the extent of the success or failure of the work.
  • Making the necessary modifications to the texts, and this often happens when the basic texts need to be modified or sometimes rewritten. Choosing the staff and actors, and performing auditions for acting, if necessary.
  • Follow up on the technical issues of the filming, the added effects, the sounds, and the overall design of the film. Supervising the final image of the work with the help of editors and technicians.
  • Motivating the work team to achieve the best results. Coordination between the full budget for the work and the planned time, in conjunction with the reality that is being dealt with.
  • Serious commitment to work and ensuring that it is performed in the best possible way.

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Select and Merge

Choosing actors and integrating techniques are two main tasks for a director, and the more specific and clear he is and the more he is able to explain his idea to the crew,

The greater the chance of success, and choosing an actor for a particular role may be a winning or losing card in the director’s hand according to his choice, and his experience and knowledge plays an important role in his ability Putting the right people in their places,

While integrating techniques and arts is one of the most difficult tasks; Cinema has been called the seventh art because it needs to combine six arts and visual techniques to produce a complete and integrated scene,

So the director must have a wide imagination and the ability to reflect his ideas and imagination to the work environment to come up with the expected image of the film.

Traits of a successful director

There are many qualities that a successful director possesses, the most prominent of which are the following:

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  • Creativity: The director must be creative and able to search for ideas, backgrounds, and elements that he knows have a good impact on the viewer, and that they have the greatest role in his enjoyment and continued watching the movie.
  • Firmness: the director must be decisive in his decisions; His position in the work as a leader and first and last responsible for the success of the work and guiding the crew as a whole allows him to express his objection and rejection without explaining the reasons, and because his task is focused on transforming the written text into a visual and audio work with a specific vision, that vision must be clarified by taking decisive decisions.
  • Imagination: Possessing the element of imagination is one of the most important elements that create a great movie, as the director reflects his imagination in every detail of the movie.
  • Possession of organizational skills for work: the director must have high leadership skills; He is considered the leader and has to manage and organize a large number of people, including technicians, administrators, executives, representatives, producers and others. He is also responsible for distributing tasks, setting priorities and organizing matters among them.
  • Possesses diplomacy and patience to withstand work pressures.

What is the job of a film director? what does a film director do

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