What’s in movies?

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What’s in movies?

Cinema industry

Movies have turned from mere works of art presented to viewers trying to get a little money in return to one of the largest industries around the world in what is known as the entertainment industry.

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Billions of dollars are invested in the film industry annually around the world between feature films, short films, animated films, and documentaries of all kinds. The right opportunity to work.

How movies are made

Films in general, whether in the cinema or elsewhere, pass through several stages before they are shown, and it is necessary to pass through those basic stages called elements of the film, and by integrating the elements of the film, a successful movie is produced that can influence the viewer who has the final judgment on the quality or not.

Filmmaking Elements

– The idea

It is the nucleus of the film, and the writer of the film can be inspired by the idea from scratch or by quoting from a literary work and working to adapt the characters and events and make them more suitable for the visual work.

– Preparation

  • The momentum of the film industry starts from the preparation stage, which begins with working on developing and transforming the idea into a written script suitable for work. Many specialized technical elements are taken into account in writing the script, such as the course of events, characters, dramatic escalation, the plot, and the end. The script also contains dialogue between characters and scenes details. and its times.
  • The director chooses a working team of assistants, and their task is to choose the appropriate filming locations and the actors who will perform the roles of the characters of the work, as well as settling on the method of filming and therefore the appropriate lighting for it, and the appropriate decoration and clothing for the written scenario and characters, and the production team supervises the fulfillment of those needs and adapts its presence with times different photography.

– Execution

Successful execution comes after good preparation and keenness not to forget the details. In most films, the processing stage takes longer than the implementation, which must be done quickly for production considerations.

The implementation of the film begins with building the decorations and preparing the filming sites. All scenes for each location are filmed, divided into numbers, and assembled and arranged in the final stage, which is the stage of montage and mixing.

The director with the help of the editor arranges the scenes and chooses the best shots for each scene; So that the film reaches the viewer in the best visual image and is suitable for the director’s ideas and vision, and the inappropriate scenes can be completely deleted from the film. his final image to the viewer.

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