who invented camera | who invented camera first

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who invented camera | who invented camera first


The camera is a device that shoots stable or moving images, and this machine needs a lense to work, and it is developing frighteningly, and it is worth noting that the cameras have recently become used in espionage operations, and they are very small cameras that can be placed anywhere, and we will shed light in this article on the inventor of the camera.

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Who invented the camera ?

The first camera was invented in 1827 for photography is Louis Daguerre, a French artist, and chemist, born in 1787 AD in the city of Corgi in northern France. To find a way to move the landscape automatically.

Beginning of camera invention

At first, attempts to invent the camera failed several times, then the attempt succeeded in 1827 when Louis met a man named Joseph Niepce, and this man was trying to invent the camera, and he was guided to a semi-successful method, then years later Louis and Joseph decided to work together, but luck Joseph Niepce did not help, as he died in 1833 AD, so Louis Daguerre completed the road alone in this field and succeeded in 1837 AD, where he invented a practical system for photography and called it the Daguerre system. Louis Daguerre is a scientist and landscape photographer, as well as the inventor of the solar camera, and he made many inventions, most notably the invention of the diorama, which is a three-dimensional miniature or life-size scene in which shapes and landscapes are untidy, against a painted background or a scene that has been recreated. Produced on a transparent piece of cloth, and the light behind him is radiating to get changes to be seen, he died after his remarkable success in 1851.

Types of Photographic Cameras

Compact Cameras

This camera includes two types: film cameras that rely on 35 mm films to save images, and are available with or without variable-dimension lenses, while the second type is wonderful digital cameras, and these cameras work to save images on a card or memory card instead of 35 mm film These cameras are available in several sizes, and they are cheap compared to single-lens cameras.

Single Lens Cameras

It is called that because it takes pictures with a different technology than compact cameras, and this type of camera depends on 35 mm films to save images and digital technology. It has high speed, the ability to control its settings manually, and it is fast in taking pictures.

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