Who is Thanos marvel?

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Who is Thanos marvel?

Thanos is a fictional evil character, created by writer and artist “Jim Starlin” to appear in the American comic magazines published by “Marvel Comics”, the character was first known in 1973

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About Thanos

Thanos, one of the most powerful supervillains in the Marvel universe and the most famous and powerful warlord, is a fictional character created by “Jim Starlin”. teleportation and time travel,

These are elements that initially achieved his goal until he was eliminated in an epic battle between the mighty forces that he mustered and the Marvel heroes at the hands of “Iron Man” in the events of “Avengers: Infinity War”.

His character appeared in several films for Marvel Studios, “Guardians of the Galaxy”, “Avengers: Infinity War”, “Deadpool” and ends at the hands of “Iron Man” in the events of the movie “Avengers: Endgame”, the most famous body of his character actor “Josh Brolin”. In addition to his countless participations in Marvel Comics for four decades, he has also participated in several cartoon series. Find out about the biography, achievements, judgment, sayings, and all the information you need about Thanos.

Thanos Beginnings

Thanos was born on Saturn’s moon Titan, the last ancestor of his species, the grandson of A’Lars. His father, “Mentor”, who took control of the colony of Titan and reconstructed it using genetic engineering, cloning, and his supernatural intelligence, and founded the “ISSAC”, and his mother is “Sui” – San, who tried to kill him minutes after his birth because of his strange appearance, Thanos was born with Deviant Syndrome,

Note that at first, it seems that all Titans have purple skin, but later Thanos appears as the only one among the Titans of this color and size that exceeds his peers, but in fact, it is the work of the immortal ancestors of the titans in the upper world,

His somewhat introverted background, wide culture, did not prevent his dark reality from appearing, and what encouraged him most is a mysterious girl who dictated strange things to him that led him to overcome his fear of killing, as Thanos committed the first murder on the Titan, and these crimes continued on the pretext that he wanted to Explains his victims and knows what distinguishes him from other creatures,

The most severe was his cold killing of his mother to learn the secrets of his soul and body, and that girl became his close friend, Thanos fell in love with her but she refused his love, and in the face of the danger of overpopulation that the Titan was suffering from, everyone found against his idea of ​​randomly exterminating half of the colony’s population in an attempt to regain control over it and its resources.

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Later, Titan becomes uninhabitable, so Thanos leaves it and serves as a crew member on a pirate ship, with his mindset that to rebalance the elements of life, half of the life in the universe must be exterminated.

Thanos Achievements

After Thanos visited all parts of the universe, he decided to return to the Titan and adopt his deadly reality. his descendants, and then destroys any planet he finds for it.

But during his attack on the Titan to please her, he noticed that his crew members were unable to see her, so he concluded that they are physical manifestations of death in a female form, and despite this crazy delusion, Thanos did not back down from killing all the Titans, keeping his father’s life only to be able to watch his son’s destruction of the universe.

In his quest for power, Thanos learned of energy being called the “Cosmic Cube”, so he used his ability to go back in time and made a reconnaissance visit to Earth to find out where he is. While flying low, he was seen by a human family, so he attacked them, but the father survived and later became “Drax”. The Destroyer” thanks to “Kronos”, while the daughter was adopted by “Mentor” and gave her supernatural powers and was known as the “Moon Dragon”.

Returning to the course of natural time, Thanos discovers the location of the “Cosmic Cube” and obtains it, and orders it to give it control of the universe, then throws it, falsely believing that it has used up all the energy in it after it has turned into a killing god.

He was confronted by the “Avengers” and “Captain Marvel”, who seized the cube and ordered him to restore the universe as it was, and indeed Thanos was defeated and returned to a mortal human form in the middle of the universe, but he had already developed an alternative plan to restore his form if this happened.

Thanos then learns about the great power of the six soul gems and wants that power for himself, and within a short period he obtained five of them except for the “jade gem” that was in the possession of “Adam Warlock”, but he was afraid of directly possessing its ability to take souls and lose the gems in his possession, so he monitored Warlock and developed a tight plan, taking advantage of his ability to travel through time, and identified certain factors with time by meeting all the gems for him.

The first of these factors is his rescue and adoption of the child “Gamora” who grows up to become his killer. The second and most important is the arrangement of events to ensure his alliance with Warlock against the “magus” (the sorcerer), who is the evil side of Warlock, two factors that did not exist in the original course of time.

Thanos thus got so close to Warlock that he was able to extract the power of his gem without his knowledge, and he united the six gems into a single artificial gem of his own making known as the Soul Gem, with which he wanted to destroy the stars one by one.

Gamora learns of his plan and decides to assassinate him, but he kills her and Pip, one of Warlock’s companions, who understand the great danger Thanos poses to the universe and turns to the Avengers and Captain Marvel in Earth-616 to help him stop him.

During the confrontation, Captain Marvel sabotages Thanos’ artificial gem and the forces that were inside it are released, then in a personal duel Thanos kills Warlock and holds the Avengers, until “Spider-Man” and “Thing” come to their rescue, and thanks to the liberating power of Warlock’s gem, in addition to the cosmic fate Acquired by his physical death, he engages Thanos and transforms him into an idol, unable to move and retaining a portion of his consciousness as eternal torment.

Thanos is not over yet, as his girlfriend “Death” revives him, and he is resettled in Dinamo City, where he met the “Silver Skater” and tried to contaminate his way of thinking but failed, so to continue his plans without disturbance, he faked his death so that the skater thought he was already dead,

But Thanos, before he was revived, looked into the world of the dead to the “well of infinity” and discovered the true powers of the “eternal stones”. His new aspirations, especially after his previous defeat, were the collection of these stones that were in the possession of ancient beings throughout the universe.

Using his superhuman intelligence and incomparable cunning, he was able to retrieve the Green Soul Gem from the Between, the red power stone from the Hero, the orange limestone from the Guardian, the purple space stone from the Runner, the yellow reality stone from The Collector, the Blue Mind Stone of the Great Master,

Then he designed the elaborate “eternity glove” to collect stones and their powers in one tool, and with this he possessed a great power that enabled him in a moment to remove half the living in the universe, defeat the heroes together and imprison them, despite that Thanos turned a blind eye to his adopted daughter “Nebula” who snatched the glove from him and turned back time Unintentionally liberating the heroes, the fight resumed between Thanos and the Marvel heroes that ended with Warlock taking control of the gauntlet and ending the conflict.

To keep Thanos in check and believing in his ability to change, Warlock decides to entrust him with the Stone of Reality and joins him to the team of “Priority Guardians” responsible for protecting the Eternal Stones, but then he gets bored and starts looking for a worthy opponent to kill, Thanos’ life is fickle and his dark ambition is unstoppable, as Gamora returned to his side after abandoning Warlock and the Protectors.

Followed by Thanos’ meeting with his old opponents, Warlock and Gamora, where he revealed to them that he had created a series of iterations for himself and called it “Thanos”, and these iterations were unstable in several ways, explaining the reason for Thanos’ behavior and levels of strength recently, and he indicated that his second copy “Thanos” is from He attacks Thor, Madina, and Captain Marvel.

Then Thanos participates in the war of annihilation alongside the forces of “Anhelus”, perhaps the reason is that he is tired of repeating the same life cycle and is curious to know the radical change he can make in the universe.

Anhelos’ goal in this war was not to invade, but to bring about extinction in our world and the negative region on the edge of the universe, and before this process can take place through Thanos’ release of the Galactus, the “Destroyer Drax” kills him, ripping out his heart and thwarting the operation.

Then “death” (physical manifestations of death) revives Thanos and makes him immortal, and back to the main universe he seeks to control Earth – 616, a forbidden area between galaxies, so he prepares for his attack many forbidden cosmic weapons in addition to the power of the cube universe.

The “Avengers” confronted him with the “Guardians of the Galaxy”, but by activating the power of the Cosmic Cube, he killed the “elders of the universe” and imposed his supremacy.

There the Avengers sided with the Elders, and Iron Man succeeded in convincing them that the Cosmic Cube in Thanos’ possession contained defects, then they negotiated with the “Collector” to give them a weapon that would nullify the effect of Thanos’ Cube and return to Earth. Thanos was indeed defeated and sent to be tried by the Elders.

Thanos returned to the Titan, so “Deadpool” tracked him to kill him for his lover “Death”, who abandoned Thanos for him, but Thanos who had originally cursed Deadpool with immortality revoked the curse and killed him, then on equal ground in the world of eternity Deadpool defeated Thanos, who had disappeared Then.

He later hears that the Avengers have left Earth-616, so Thanos goes to it to destroy it while it is defenseless, which is to cover his main purpose by finding and killing any trace of his son of unknown location and identity and inhuman origin. The city of death in Wakanda.

He sets off for “Greenland”, where his son “Thene” is, and the fighting begins, during which the Avengers arrive to eliminate Thanos, who was locked to death by Thanos and transferred to be imprisoned in Necropolis by the Illuminati (Wakanda residents).

Freed from his prison, he incites Kabale, who gathers superheroes and villains to battle Earth-616 and Earth-1610 before they collide. The battle drags on and Thanos escapes to the Final Universe. Doctor strange eventually rescue the situation and restores the Multiverse. Thanos took it out.

Using one of his means, Thanos returned to the world and decided to invade Earth to retrieve the Cosmic Cube. There was a large number of superheroes waiting for him to confront, which ended with his arrest and imprisonment in “Triskelion”, he escaped from custody during the civil war between the superheroes, but was captured by “Nova Legion”.

After escaping from the Legion prison, Thanos discovered that he was dying, so he turned to his father for help, but he was unable to do so, he killed him, and realized that his older self was weak, so he decided to do anything to deprive her of her presence in the future, and returned to his quest to obtain the Eternal Stones.

After possessing the Reality Stone and the Space Stone, he predicted the coming of the guards, he needed Gamora to know the location of the soul gem, after their arrival he allowed Gamora to kill him easily to erase his weak future and start his actual plan.

From the void, her father’s voice sounded telling her that he had manipulated reality with the power of the stone he owned and defeated the guards, then he invited her to join him and give him the location of the jewel after he threatened to kill her sister “Nebula”, so she went with him to get her, and the price was to sacrifice something he loves, so he sacrificed a severe pain for his daughter. Adopted Gamora, who he already felt was his own, won the gem and added it to the gauntlet.

He seeks the time stone in his ancient homeland “Titan”, he is met there by “doctor strange”, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Guardians, and Nebula. Iron Man, and before he finished, he was offered a “strange doctor” with a time stone in exchange for keeping Tony Stark’s life and he accepted the offer.

Thus, Thanos left the mind stone to complete the gauntlet of eternity, so he went to Wakanda, the site of the last stone, there the Avengers rallied with the army of the Illuminati, led by the Black Panther, but practically, thanks to the gauntlet’s power, Thanos is invincible, as the Avengers are simply driven away to far places and confronted all weapons and fighters.

The Witch Scarlett is left facing him in the possession of the Mind Stone, who destroys it because there is no other way to stop Thanos, but thanks to the gauntlet, he retrieves the stone to put it on and attach it to his gauntlet that contained the six infinity stones combined.

Thor dealt him in the last moments a strong blow and seriously injured him, but Thanos had already made the gauntlet and half of the living in the universe began to disappear, so Thanos immediately moved by the space stone to the second Titan and lived in a small hut satisfied with his victory.

After 3 weeks, Thanos destroyed the Millennium Stones, causing severe physical damage to himself, as he used the stones to destroy herself, his location was discovered by the remaining Avengers and then they interrogated him.

Thanos’ personal life

Thanos struggled socially during his turbulent adolescence, only realizing his true self when encouraged by “death”—physical perceptions of death in the form of a female that only he could see—the only love of his life.

After accepting his truth, he became the most powerful warlord in the history of the comics and the most powerful villain in the Marvel universe, and he annihilated many worlds under the pretext of rebalancing the universe, and to please his lover.

And from every civilization, he exterminated half of its population and kept the other half, and rarely adopted a child from which he trained to become his assistants, such as Gamora, who loved them to him, Nebula and the “black organization” made up of his three elder sons.

Thanos does not seek the Millennium Stones for strength, but because he thinks that he will save the universe in his quest to remove half of the living creatures in it, which is something that strongly distinguishes him from his evil counterparts, and he had great respect for many Marvel heroes such as Iron Man and Captain Marvel.

Thanos dies

Thanos is subjected to many killings, but every time he is revived, but his actual killing in the main course of time is at the hands of Thor after the remaining heroes discover his location on the second Titan, where Thor is very angry due to Thanos’ destruction of the Millennium Stones and their inability to restore life For half of the objects he removed.

As for his second death, it is 5 years after this incident and the return of the Titan from the past after he mustered enormous forces to confront the heroes who restored the universe to its previous state by traveling through time and recovering the Millennium Stones before they were destroyed.

In this battle, we find that the heroes who disappeared by Thanos’ previous action have returned to the battlefield, making huge alliances to confront the fleets that Thanos brought with him from the past. The End”, which is the most-watched movie in the history of cinemas.

Quick facts about Thanos

  • Thanos was created by Jim Starlin during a psychology lecture at his university.
  • Every year, Thanos and his brother Eros make a one-day truce to meet and exchange gifts.
  • Despite his cruel and violent nature, Thanos loved all his children, most of them “Gamora”, who wanted her to inherit his throne.
  • Thanos never lies.
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