Who is the inventor of the World Wide Web ?

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Who is the inventor of the World Wide Web ?

Since we use this great invention daily, it is appropriate to talk a few lines about the inventor of the World Wide Web and learn more about his biography, but before entering into the details of the life of this creative man, it is worth talking a little about this invention.

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The World Wide Web or as it is sometimes called The web is a global system that works through the Internet to link documents together, or in other words, it can be said that they are large groups of super documents that contain different media.

There is a common mistake that many users make when they unify the concepts of the Internet and the World Wide Web, but the Internet is in fact a huge network of computers connected to each other by wires, while the Web is one of the services that can be used via the Internet, which Like e-mail or cloud storage services, the user can use this service through web browsers and get a huge amount of information, such as reading an article about the inventor of the World Wide Web.

This revolutionary invention is attributed to the English guide and computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee. While he was working at CERN European Institute of Physics as an engineer and consultant, Tim focused most of his attention on control systems, global data collection systems, and fast systems, and then the idea of ​​the World Wide Web began to shine in his mind, to propose in the summer of 1989 The Universal Interconnected Text Project, which would later be known as the Web, and the project was moving forward to finally be launched on the Internet in the summer of 1991, with Tim becoming the inventor of the World Wide Web.

In addition to this great invention, Tim contributed to writing the first web provider, building the foundation of the first Internet browser, and devoting a large portion of his time to web design and development, and subsequently won the Innovator of the Year award for the year 1995, and the awards followed successively thereafter.

After that, the inventor of the World Wide Web worked with many prestigious institutes and universities, and also collaborated with several organizations and teams from around the world.

In this article, we will now learn about the details of the inspiring life of the inventor of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee, and how he came up with this revolutionary invention:

<strong>Tim Berners-Lee</strong><br>
Tim Berners-Lee

British computer Scientist, Inventor and Engineer Born in 1955, in the United Kingdom, London

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