Why Apple may abandon iPhones in the coming days

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Why Apple may abandon iPhones in the coming days

Technology is developing at a high speed, and only two decades ago, people did not expect that he would be able to carry such sophisticated devices in his pocket or bag. Perhaps Apple was one of the most influential companies in the development of technology since it began in the seventies of the last century.

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And the speed of the development process increases with the passage of time, as it took a long time to develop personal computers. While it took a shorter time to convert it to laptops, as is the case with smartphones.

Many devices have been able to use devices that were used before, by providing them with a better user experience. This raises an important question: What will come after smartphones? How will it be replaced? You might be surprised to know that Apple is ready for that.

Will Apple abandon the iPhone?

Smartphones provide an easy and truly integrated user experience. However, there are devices that may provide an easier user experience, and they are, without a doubt, wearable devices.

Apple has focused on this sector a lot, and at the moment Apple smartwatches are the best-selling watches outperforming all other tech companies. It also offers the best user experience and the best possible features.

Apple smartwatches now allow you to answer emails, send SMS messages, pay in stores via NFC, and make calls. Simply, having reached this limit, it is able to receive more features and features easily.

In addition to the ability of these small devices to run applications and communicate with other devices.

And it can be difficult for smartwatches to replace smartphones. But it is capable in many ways, and it may be prevented only by the limited life of its batteries and small screens. But with some development and improvement, the user can leave their home and spend their entire day relying solely on their smartwatch.

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Of course, the Apple Watch will go through the same natural stages of development that smartphones have gone through.

Voice control

Science fiction films decades ago predicted that the future would depend on voice commands. Where each user will be able to direct his commands to the device to be carried out by himself without his intervention.

And while that future hasn’t been fully realized, we’re heading to God very quickly, with personal assistant technologies like Apple’s Siri.

The American giant has greatly improved its voice assistance service in the previous years. Currently, if a user receives a voice call, the voice assistant will be able to tell them the name of the caller, as well as text messages. In addition to answering questions, coordinating appointments, and more.

Augmented reality

Apple has talked more than once about the importance of augmented reality, virtual reality, as well as mixed reality. Although the company has not yet introduced products based on these technologies, it could constitute a big chapter in the company’s future.

By relying on this technology, the user can access a large screen and its easy-to-read content appears directly through his smartwatch or through dedicated glasses. Perhaps the LiDAR technology in the iPhone has shown us the capabilities of the company in this regard.

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Apple could abandon iPhones over time. And it is the company that is most capable of this due to the strength of its other products and accessories, and because users will accept this major change from Apple with ease. But there is no doubt that this will not happen any time soon.

Why Apple may abandon iPhones in the coming days

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