Why do i feel always tired | 7 types of comfort each one of us needs

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Why do i feel always tired | 7 types of comfort each one of us needs

The types of comfort are different, you may think that you are a comfortable person, just because you have some money, and you can buy what you need and more, or for example, you may think that your friend is a comfortable person, just because he finished his university studies and entered the career field, and your mother thinks that your aunt or Hani is comfortable It has an automatic washing machine, you won’t have to waste time washing, and your father says about your uncle being comfortable because he doesn’t have a son in college who tires him as you do!

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Thus, each of us has a different perspective on comfort, and each of us describes the other as “comfortable” just because the other has what he lacks, but “comfort” in the true sense is a term that carries meanings much further than that, to simplify it more, it is very easy to feel tired, No matter how much sleep we gained, that is, you must have been a day or more, you woke up tired, you tried to sleep again, but to no avail, even if you force yourself to sleep then, you will feel that your energy is not renewed, what happens? Nothing happened, simply, you need a different kind of rest, nothing more.

Generally, when we feel tired, our first innate response to it is to sleep more, but we will soon discover that sleep cures only one type of rest that humans need physical rest. It turns out that there are different types of rest, each specialized in meeting different needs for you, and if you neglect one of them, you will subconsciously find yourself interacting with the world around you in a way that you wouldn’t make sense, but you don’t understand why.

My friend, there are 7 types of rest that each of us needs, try to read carefully and think, are you lacking in one of them? If so, try as much as possible to collect them all because they are all important.

Physical Rest

It is the first and most common type of rest, which every one of us thinks of when he feels tired, and this rest includes sleep, who among us does not love to sleep! In addition to sleeping, you can also spend a quiet day at a beach, or in a park, the important thing is not to put in too much extra effort.

One of the habits that makes you feel better physically is also a quiet morning of yoga, in general, gives your body time to recover after a long period of exhaustion, physical rest is the first step to feeling well.

Mental Rest

Now, we consider that you have completely passed the stage of physical rest, we move on to the second level, which is mental rest, and the best example of brainstorming and fatigue of the mind is the night before the day of the exam… Surely we have all gone through such a night, you stay awake the night before the exam, and prepare well, Then you go for the exam to discover that once you start, your brain no longer works as if it waited for you to come in and it came out, where is the information and where is your effort? Do not know. At that moment, you are tired, your brain not only needs sleep, but it also needs the second kind of rest, the mental rest that you deprived it of on the night of the exam.

Mental rest is where you stop forcing your brain to work hard and give it some time to process information and consolidate memories. It is important to give your brain time to rest, to process the information, and relate it to what came before. By the way, one of the mistakes we make on the night of the exam is the pressure on our brain and the accumulation of information. You can also follow meditation techniques to relax your mind, try the Mala Beads.

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Another simple example, is if you have a co-worker, who starts his day with a huge cup of coffee, and you usually see him busy, irritable, and forgetful as well, who has difficulty concentrating on his work even though he is always overwhelmed with work… That’s the problem! He complains to you that at night he struggles to stop his brain from thinking about the connections of thoughts that took place throughout the day, but he is unable! He sleeps about 7-8 hours but wakes up in the morning as if he hadn’t slept all night… That’s what we call a complete lack of mental rest.

You can simply tell him that he doesn’t have to live under stress for that long, and then fix his brain with a little vacation… No, he can only take breaks during work and nothing more, and that’s definitely going to supercharge his energy.

Spiritual Rest

Some may consider the issue of spiritual comfort related to a purely religious component of life, but not necessarily. Spiritual comfort includes some connection to our faith, but if we look more broadly, we see that spirituality is the ability to extract meaning from people’s lives, how they relate to one another, connect with the world around them beyond body and mind, and feel a deep sense of belonging, love, and acceptance. It’s more of a psychological philosophy than a religious commitment, so when you feel like you’re not giving yourself that connection and meaning from it, you’ll start to feel overwhelmed.

To find yourself in a good position in spiritual comfort, try to think about what gives you a sense of fulfillment in your life, or in short, think about what gives your life meaning. I think that wishing people well, regardless of their feelings towards us, has a comforting spiritual meaning, this is one of the steps I take personally.

Emotional Rest

When you go through a period of emotional exhaustion, i.e. you become emotionally exhausted, you will find that you are less tolerant, you can no longer gather your strength as you used to, you will easily lose your temper over the smallest things and you will cry more quickly than usual. Here, you need to gather yourself to relieve symptoms.

These emotional slaps happen simply when you feel that everyone is your friend, for example, everyone loves you loves your presence, and consults you in the most trivial matters because you are an honest person, and you prefer to do a favor that you are not convinced of by answering “Yes, why not?” hesitating, instead of a sincere “No, I can’t.” Here, you really need emotional comfort, to express your feelings freely, apart from pleasing others, and that requires courage, anyone who is emotionally comfortable can answer the question “How are you?” B: “Oh, I’m not okay.”

Try to reduce the emotional stimuli from your life, you can do this, for example, by reducing the size that social media takes of your time. With the feelings and words of others and you will deal with your own feelings on your own, you are the one who can control his despair and happiness.

Creative Rest

This type has little to do with peace of mind, but they are different. Creativity thrives in each of us when we see things differently, and it’s hard to be creative when you’re focused on “doing” things you’ve already thought about doing, but haven’t given yourself time to think about, research, and explore. Those around you may limit you, when you see them not thinking the same as you you become a hesitant person, on the contrary, you are creative but you need time and creative rest. For example, you may have a set of ideas to implement after learning an idea, but it is a mistake to rush to implement them immediately. Instead, relax, relax and write the ideas, then come back and relax and allow yourself to create new energy, then start implementing it step by step.

Why do i feel always tired | 7 types of comfort each one of us needs

Sensory Rest

A bit like physical comfort, but it can be described that you want to rest your body, not your body… You wake up every morning, to step out of your home into a world full of sounds, sights, smells, colors, etc., disturbed by your boss’s screams and comfort by the sound of a bird chirping, amazed to watch a small child help a helpless man cut the street, and I loathe watching another child honk in the street, the smell of your morning coffee opens on your desk, and the stench of garbage piled up in one corner of your village blocks yourself.

Finally, you come home full of mixed feelings, burdened with all the sensory input you’ve received, your brain is still processing what it’s received outside although it’s fine-tuning so you can work and get through the day… In the end, you’re exhausted, try to get somewhere Quiet with minimal sensory distractions, take deep breaths, you may just need a heavy blanket and your bedding, or fill up the sink in your bathroom and relax, even your wall clock chimes you won’t be able to handle, turn it off or break it if necessary.

Why do i feel always tired | 7 types of comfort each one of us needs

Social Rest

If you are an emotionally uncomfortable person, you are also uncomfortable socially. Even if you are the most extroverted person on the face of the earth, you need a break to sit with yourself away from mixing and gossiping, you need social comfort, it is a task that gives you some time to connect with yourself without distracting anyone. Don’t neglect yourself. Your relationship with yourself is the longest and most enduring relationship in your life. No, you can’t leave yourself, and you can’t escape from yourself when things go wrong, so take your time to nurture it. Stay away from people, grab a book, write in your diary, or even spend time meditating, this is a right of yourself over you, don’t neglect it.

In fact, finding your break time in all of the above is never easy, especially if you’re a busy person, but it’s okay if your rest is a bit lacking now, or less comprehensive or less frequent than you hope, and it’s okay if you’re trying Getting enough rest When you’re going through tough times, that’s okay, you’ll succeed in completing your full rest plan one day.

I wish you a life full of all kinds of comfort.

Why do i feel always tired | 7 types of comfort each one of us needs

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